Roulette Calculator


Roulette is not only the most playable casino game in the world but it is also very exciting, interesting and, in some cases, profitable game. There are a lot of different roulette strategies systems and variations which were created by different players during many years. This article is about one more method of how to beat Roulette.

Roulette calculator was created for making the game itself more easer for players. Calculators help to determine the size of the unit that one should bet taking into consideration the bankroll size.

There are such options on Roulette calculator:

  • "Save" unit if a player wants to increase the time of the game.
  • "High risk" unit if a player wants bigger wins.
  • "Recommended"

So, players should just enter the bankroll and click "Calculate".

Betting unit

Betting unit is the amount of money that one bets with on every spin.

How to find perfect betting unit?

The calculator should give player a suggestion of a perfect set of units that one should bet with during the Roulette game. A player decides for him\herself what amount of money to bet with. But if a player likes to bet bigger he/she should be careful with the betting and be sure that he/she doesn't lose more money than one can spend.

If the bets are too high, one should bring down betting units as it possible and control the situation with an unlucky streak. It is important to bet with smaller units for saving money.

The perfect unit

The perfect unit is unit which maximizes the time of the online Roulette game and gives the player an excitement during the game. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to find the balance. So, one should just to experiment with the amount that one is comfortable with.

Every player should remember small wins are more pleasant than big losses.

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